1. Army of Christ Deliverance Chosen Ministry was called out from The Redeemed Christian Church Of God in the year 2012.
    The vision was given to Pastor Mrs. E. F. Aluko (The General Overseer of Army of Christ Deliverance Chosen Ministry).
    God instructed her to start a ministry that would make a difference. He anointed her to deliver His people and groom them for heaven and with the support of her husband, It started as a fellowship right in the sitting room with her children.

About Us

To make heaven and groom God’s people making them fit for heaven.
To go into the world and bring Gods people out of the desert John10:16
To ensure total Deliverance for as many that are in captivity.
To bring the Lord of God which is the truth to the world without compromising.

Our vision

How I became born again;

“I was a daughter of an herbalist, we worship idols and consult the Oracle for people, but I discovered that part of me was empty which it occurred to me that I needed a power that is more than the power I acquired in the world. I began to search for my heart, that who is this person that would give me this power, where is the person and how will I know this person?’. Because I’ve always believed that I have power and to me all other powers are powerless then.
There was a day something ministered to me that if I was born again in Christ Jesus, things would get better for me. And a day came not quite long I was ministered to, to be born again, I was drawn to one Bible I saw and I opened Deuteronomy 28 at random. I was so amazed when I discovered that the chapter is all about blessings to those who hearken diligently to the voice of the Lord. That draws me more closer to the Holy Book. I know I really needed the blessings of God when robbers burgled my shop where I stored a lot goods and money. I opened again and I came across the TEN COMMANDMENTS. I read through and after reading, I became bothered by the first commandment I read, that says “you shall have no other God except me” because my background worship all sorts of idols and even so many Pastors will come for charms from my mom to perform miracle. Few days after, I was sitting down and something ministered to me again, saying that,’until I have a change of mind that there is a God that created heaven and earth, and that God, I would serve.
One day, a woman close to my shop said she was going for a church program which I asked if I could follow her and she said ‘yes!’ but with my dress, I won’t be allowed in her church. She implored me to dress well for the next program so I can follow her which I did and that’s were I got born again in Christ Jesus.



Jesus loves you